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Join our Social 8 Events Club. Participate in dozens of events in a wide range of activities. There is sure to be something for everyone. An easy way to make new friends, network and meet potential dates.  Cost $195

Be invited every week to our events. We have a massive list of events on offer. Check out what’s coming up plus what we have offered in the past to get an idea of what to expect. Click here.

Past events hosted including: Speed Trivia Nights, Cocktail Parties, Pub Nights, Cooking Classes, Tennis Days, Running Groups, Valentines Night Party, Band Nights, Winery Tours, Fringe Events, Cafe Lunches, Charity Events, Wine tasting, Festivals, Picnics, Golf, Photography Class, Painting Class and much more.

Cost $195 to join our service for a 12 month membership plus the cost of the event fee. Event costs range from $25 for co-ordination and hosting the event up to over $100 for a trip to the theatre. Costs depend upon what we are supplying. View past events to get an idea of event costs are involved.

Our members enjoy socialising at a creatively selected wide range of events and activities. Social opportunities that will suit you and have you feeling comfortable, with purpose and of course, a great excuse to be meeting single people. Participating in real social networking while enjoying activities of your choice. Members range in ages from 30 to 70 with events ranging from age groups to open to all ages. Some events are within smaller ages such as under 45’s or over 45’s or could be those in their 30’s or 40’s or 50’s and beyond etc. While larger events or specific activities could be open to all ages. All age groups are guidelines only enabling members to be represented in an age group they most feel comfortable.  Fun, social people, in a well thought out environment with no expectation from you except to be enjoy a nice day or night out. What can be easier?

Social 8 provides for you the following:

~ A strong filter system on who our members are. Feel relaxed and confident knowing you are meeting with people we have met in person or interviewed via Skype.

~ We interview every potential new member to ensure our program is suited to them and offer membership only to those who we believe are suitable to our current database and likely to enjoy social success.

~ Events are scheduled approximately every 1 to 2 weeks with around 40 on offer annually. There is a  wide variety to choose from such as trivia Nights, Day on the Green, Speed dating degustation night, Wine tastings, Cooking classes, Night Owl Lawn Bowls, Live Band dance nights, painting class, Running group, Bush Walking, cocktail parties, Dating and self-development talks, Christmas Parties, sailing trips, Photography classes and much more. Click here to view what’s on in events.

~ Regular opportunities to attend our numerous events. All with single and fabulous people… just like you!

READY TO JOIN US? Great! Complete the joining form BELOW and we will email you some available times to meet with you to get the process started. Membership join up’s are conducted at our office at Parkside usually Wednesday and Thursday’s 9.30am to 2pm and one night per week, usually a Wednesday or Thursday night 5pm to 11pm. Please also read out frequently asked questions

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