Why should women join?

Why should women join?

Because you will feel safe! Dinners are held with 5 other people and events in large groups and in a public arena giving you safety in numbers. Plus we have met all the people personally, face to face to ensure you are meeting genuine people. This ensures you also feel safe with our introductory service.

No awkward moments. You will not be asked for a date or your phone number at our member’s only dinners and events. We take care of all that post event. You get to share your feedback with us and if you wish to exchange contact details with another member, we facilitate this for you. So no more having that awkward moment when someone puts you on the spot for your phone number. You even get time to process and think about swapping numbers. And it’s perfect for those who struggle to say no.

Because it gives you a classy social life. Regular opportunities to get out and meet people. To have fun, to laugh, to try new things, to meet people as you are today, to have new opportunities to look forward to, to get to know yourself better, to get better at socialising. And did we mention fun? To have fun, fun and fun. New friends, potential dates or lovers will not come knocking on your door. Give yourself permission to get out and have some fun! It’s all about you and time for you to place yourself first.

If you seek to date, you desire more than just the physical connection. Yes meeting someone who is hot, or attractive or who you have physical attraction to be important, however we know women desire something more than that. You get a chance to really meet these people and see if you potentially have a connection with greater compatibility than just the physical.

Because you won’t be judged unfairly in the first five minutes. You get to spend more time getting to know people than you will ever do in a few emails or chatting in a nightclub or bar.

To meet men who are genuine, single and not the game players. Men who join us do so because they want to date! Some even want to make new female friends so here you will find the real genuine ones. Yes, this is where the nice men are hiding (although not so much hiding but hanging out)

What are women scared of? Being stuck at a dinner with 5 people they don’t like! This very rarely happens because we hand select the people you will be meeting. This isn’t like speed dating where you take your chances. We hand select your guests based on the types of people you tell us you enjoy meeting. And if by some small chance your worst nightmare did happen, then we work hard to hand select who you would meet at your next dinner to ensure you enjoy the people you are meeting.

Stuck in a social club with single and desperate people who have no social skills. NO, this is what your membership fee pays for. To ensure our club is full of genuine and social competent people! Almost all our members are even better than that, most are simply quite fabulous. The most common response from new members is, ‘wow, I didn’t expect to be meeting people like this so easily’!

Being rejected. Big deal! At Social 8 you get back on the horse straight away if someone rejects you as you have multiple opportunities to meet more people. If one doesn’t like you, that’s their problem. Move on to your next dinner or event to meet more people!

Because 100% of the people you meet are single and wanting to meet YOU. No cold shoulders from our members. How refreshing for you to be meeting genuine single people who desire to be meeting you.

Because you need to get good at socialising and dating Practicing socialising and dating is crucial so when the Mr drop dead gorgeous and perfect for you man appears, you are ready to handle dating him with confidence instead of being socially awkward from lack of practice.