Why should men join?

Why should men join?

Because women love us! If you want to meet women, then you need to go where women are. It’s as simple as that. Why do women come to Social 8? Because they feel safe knowing they are meeting people in a public area and in a group setting. They like knowing we have met every member face to face which also helps them feel safe. They also feel comfortable knowing they are not being forced to make a decision immediately on whether to swap phone numbers or not. Women perceive Social 8 to be a non-threatening and safe way to meet men. Phone number exchanges are facilitated through our team the day following the dinner or event giving women time to ‘process’, something men don’t always understand about women.

To meet the women who are not on the internet dating sites or hanging out regularly in pubs and clubs. So you get to meet the women you are unlikely to be meeting in other ways. Most women, if they present well and tick a lot of so called boxes, don’t stay on line for long (if at all) as they become inundated within the first few days of having a profile up and can’t see the wood for the trees. Most will take down their profiles within a week or two. So it is most likely you won’t meet these women on-line.

What are men scared of? Being stuck at a dinner with 5 people they don’t like! This very rarely happens because we hand select the people you will be meeting. This isn’t like speed dating where you take your chances. We hand select your guests based on the types of people you tell us you enjoy meeting. And if by some small chance your worst nightmare did happen, then we work hard to hand select who you would meet at your next dinner to ensure you enjoy the people you are meeting. And to prove we are confident we can get the mix right for you, if you are unhappy with the people you have met after three attempts, we shall refund your membership fee! So money back guarantee. Now you really have nothing to lose.

Stuck in a social club with single and desperate people who have no social skills. NO, this is what your membership fee pays for. To ensure our club is full of genuine and socially competent people! Almost all our members are even better than that, most are simply quite fabulous. The most common response from new members is, ‘wow, I didn’t expect to be meeting people like this so easily’!

Being rejected. Big deal! At Social 8 you get back on the horse straight away if someone rejects you as you have multiple opportunities to meet more women. If one doesn’t like you, that’s her problem. Move on to your next dinner or event to meet more women!

Because there are more women wanting to meet you here at Social 8 that are ready to date or ready for a relationship than you are likely to meet as easily any other way. These are not the game players or time wasters. Unlike on-line sites where there are on average 5 men to 1 women, we try to maintain an even gender balance. Some age groups even have more women than men. So good news for you! Plus they are 100% single unlike on-line where a recent Queensland study suggests up to 95% on-line are not single or are lying about something.

You get to check them out over an enjoyable dinner for a few hours as well as get a good chance to share more about you than you would in a few emails or in a conversation at a bar or club. If you are tired of women judging you in a few minutes (or maybe seconds) and feel it’s unfair that you are not being given a real chance to show how fabulous you are, then dinners give you the chance to change this around.

Because 100% of the ladies you meet are single and wanting to meet YOU. No cold shoulders from our members. How refreshing for you to be meeting genuine single women who are welcoming and desire to be meeting you.

Because you need to get good at socialising and dating Practicing socialising and dating is crucial so when the Ms drop dead gorgeous and perfect for you woman appears, you are ready to handle dating her with confidence instead of being socially awkward from lack of practice.