Are Men Intimidated By Your Career?

Are Men Intimidated By Your Career?

You have it all going on! The successful career, the gym toned body, the money to dress to impress and the experience to turn on the confidence. And yet you are single and don’t know why. Your nights are spent with well meaning friends telling you all the good ones are taken. That he would have called but probably lost your number or that you are too good for him so forget having met him. The truth is, you are not what he wants.

He is the alpha male who enjoys a challenging and exciting career, the cash flow to indulge in fun pastimes and the charisma to attract almost any women. You know you’re his equal and yet he isn’t flirting with you at the bar or knocking on your doorstep. So what’s going wrong?

Most alpha men are attracted to beta energy women. These are the women who are warm, engaging, soft, gentle, kind, nurturing, loving, giving, sincere, loyal, and supportive and ultimately they can be a soft place for an alpha man to land at the end of his day. The alpha male will enjoy your intelligence and welcome intellectual banter however he will not be interested in having a competition with you. Now before you talented, successful, beautiful career women tell me you don’t want to dumb it down and this isn’t the 1950’s, I’m not asking you to dumb it down. What I am about to suggest may not be politically correct, it is however socially correct.

All humans carry both alpha and beta energy. We carry it in different quantities at different times. The clever single girl will understand this and know exactly when to turn the alpha off and the beta on. Alpha energy being the masculine energy is the power to create and control things. Alpha energy is often the work or career energy. For single mum’s it is the energy used to control home life, something that is crucial to raising a family as a single person. It is the social organiser energy for family and friends and is the wonderful energy you know how to use to be successful in many of the areas of your life. It is not the energy to use however when it comes to romance and attracting that gorgeous single man into your life.

Beta energy is the attraction energy for Alpha men that draws Alpha men to women like bees to the honey pot. Turning this energy on and being aware of it is simple once you understand how. Alpha career girls need to give themselves time to transition from Alpha to Beta energy. Allow around 30 minutes to release one energy and bring in the other. Take the time at the end of the working day to go for a walk, a gentle one, not a power walk, take a bath, put on feminine clothing (sexy underwear works well), window shopping, watching the sunset, burn essential oils, play gentle music, read a pleasurable book, walk slower, talk slower, listen to your breathing. And as you do this you will notice your energy change. Your focus will shift to the beta energy of loving, happiness, peace, calmness, fluidity, being in the now moment. This can easily now move into a gentle flirtation energy and gives you the goddess feminine allure so many alpha men desire in a partner.

This beautiful heartfelt energy is also the energy of connection. It is the energy that will help you to build a healthy long term lasting and rewarding relationship. This is the same energy that makes each person feel safe when spending time with another which enables the relationship to grow deeper and be more heartfelt.

Be brave, try this feminine energy and see how differently you feel. You just may experience a huge sigh of relief at the ease and pleasantness of socialising this way. And as you gain the validation of how this is working for you, you will start to attract a different dating experience. One that has ‘you’ attracting men, like bees to a honey pot. Now you are ready to go out and socialise understanding that perhaps this is the way Mother Nature intended it to be.

Yours in love

Jane xx

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