Adelaide Social Singles

Adelaide Social Singles is a Meetup group which is free to join. We would be thrilled to have you check us out and would love to have you join us! We are currently running an 8 week challenge to kick those social nerves to the curb. We challenge you to attend as many events as possible over 8 weeks to become socially comfortable and confident easily. This group is for single people that are committed to meeting new people, having positive social interaction, are friendly and love to socialise. Some members want only social occasions, some want to build in confidence, some want to date, some want help with self-development, some want love, some want to overcome loneliness, some want new experiences, some are tackling social anxiety and some want to make new friends. Our events are therefore covering all these areas knowing that some of these events will be right for you.

So, let’s get together for affordable activities in Adelaide.

We host events such as cocktail nights, after work drinks, Sunday afternoon chill out sessions, quiz nights, dinners and much more. Really anything that takes your and our fancy. Our TGIF nights and Sunday sessions are very popular and well attended so consider joining us by attending one or these events. We also host a First timers event roughly every 4 to 6 weeks where we have a higher than normal ratio of event hosts to guests to ensure we are providing a super comfortable environment for you to join us in and put your toe in the water.

The cost for most of our events are either free or between $5 and $10 which covers the costs of running such a large group (we handle around 150+ messages every week), employ professional event hosts (yes, they are trained to ensure you are well looked after and never left alone or unsure at an event), book exclusive areas and rooms at venues and pay meetup fees. This fee also ensures that RSVP numbers are accurate so you can expect to meet the people who have said they are attending at our events! No 100 RSVP’s of yes and only 25 show up at our events 🙂 So join up and come and meet some other wonderful and friendly people!

If you are nervous (and the vast majority of people are), or lonely or lacking in social opportunity, then we take this responsibility seriously and will support you every inch of the way in your social journey. I have been an event coordinator now for over 30 years and an international emotional coach for over 10 years. I own Social 8, Adelaide’s leading membership based social club for single people. I am a matchmaker also and constantly looking for single people who may be a match for my platinum introductory clients. So if you are single and wanting to date, I encourage you to complete our application form selecting our FREE level of membership. I also am a confidence, love, dating and relationships coach with plenty of free resources to support you on your journey in life. Details are at And I host an international 5 star rated, top 10 podcast on i-tunes called Love-Life that you can download for free at

Join our Adelaide Social Singles Meet up group here: 

I look forward to meeting you soon at one of our awesome events and having you enjoy a fabulous social life.