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Social 8 is a Social Club for singles aged 30 to 70’s. We have four main services we provide: A Dinner Service, planning hand selected dinners for 6 members, with 3 ladies and 3 men; an Introductory Service providing members with one on one introductions; an Event’s Service providing group events for members to meet; and a Free Service for people to be on our database to attend our non-member events and potentially be matched with an Introductory member. We know we can help you to have the social life, dating life and opportunities you are desiring! Be it to be social for fun, friendship, dating or love, we have helped thousands of Adelaide single people to enjoy a fulfilling social life. We are Adelaide’s leading social club and are also Adelaide’s ONLY SOCIAL CLUB WITH A FILTER SYSTEM! Only those who are committed to having fun, connecting with others and enjoy stimulating social occasions join us.

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Newly Separated Men

Recovering from separation and tackling loneliness?

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Client Testimonials

  • "Hi Team, The dinner at the Marrakech was brilliant. You guys put together a great bunch of people where conservation flowed all night long it was brilliant. Everyone got on well with each other and it was great fun. The food and service was brilliant, and we were treated with the utmost of respect from the staff. Great choice of venue. Thank you for sharing xxxx's number, he is an interesting character to say the least. More than happy for him to have my contact number as well, and happy to share with the rest of the group. Good job guys 10/10" Male 63, Adelaide, South Australia

  • "Hi gang! Thank you so much for sending me someone like xxxx! I have never met a girl like her... she's gorgeous, flirty, independent, caring and now she's mine. That's why I have to stop my membership and see where this amazing  adventure will take me. I thank you guys for all the opportunities and support you've given me over the years.... you are all beautiful people who have touched my life in a profound way. I will miss you ☺ Male 37, Adelaide, South Australia

  • "Just wanted to say thanks! After attending the Xmas show at the Grand things have taken a fantastic turn in my life. I had only attended the introduction night prior and this was my first official function. After chatting to a number of Ladies and about to leave a late arrival got my attention. After some time I built up the courage to say hello and never needed to say goodbye. I am now enjoying a great relationship that has introduced me to new friends and new experiences. I now have great pleasure in telling others about Social8. what a great way of meeting people whilst having a great time. Thank So much for helping me find someone special. You have contributed in changing my life and I am so grateful" Female 55, Adelaide, South Australia

  • "You run a fantastic enterprise and need to be congratulated on the locally focused format and the caring nature of service.  While I have checked in and out over the past year Social 8 has given me a great sense of comfort. It gave me insight that while alone I was never really alone, I was just one many in that single, and sometimes uncomfortable, space that with a bit of effort and engagement would not last. So I may be back in time but for now I will keep referring people to you and sing your praises"
    Male 57, Platinum Member, Adelaide, South Australia

  • "I must say thank you for all that you have done for me. I’m loving having my special dinners and meeting so many wonderful people. I’m going to restaurants I have not visited before and trying food that I may normally not eat but loving all the new tastes. I’ve met some great friends and we are catching up outside of Social8. I’m looking forward to the quiz night and the Xmas party in August. I am finding everything is smoothly run, there is never an issue or problem and love that at the restaurants we can pay our bill easily and the personal touch is very much appreciated. The visit to Stirling and the markets was fun as was meeting the lovely Katie. It is all very professional. I’ve also last week had my first dinner with Teresa at house of chow & Adelaide social Singles. Was wonderful. Lovely people again and laughed so much. I am becoming a lot more confident in meeting new people, starting conversations and making new friends. It’s all a great experience. Pushing me out of my comfort zone. I will be ringing tomorrow to pay for my next year. I’ve really enjoyed my last three months. Thank you all so very much" Female 59, Adelaide, South Australia

  • "I had a fantastic night on Wednesday, THANK YOU, the people in Social 8 are so positive, and fun I am really enjoying being a member!"

    Female, 31, Adelaide, South Australia

  • "I am no longer with Social 8 but I just wanted to let you know that through Social 8 (at my 3rd dinner in April) I met a very special person, xxxx. We are still seeing each other and we are very happy.It has been just over 2 years since we met and we are so compatible. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing this service. I was a little hesitant and shy in joining up with Social 8 but it was worth it.I wish you and the Social 8 team all the best"

    Female 48, Adelaide, South Australia

  • "I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for assisting me to get back into the socialising mode. I would like to suspend my membership until further notice as I have meet a lovely gentleman and I would like to see where life takes me. Once again thank you very much for helping me get my confidence back"

    Female 37, Adelaide, South Australia

  • "I dined with xxxx at the Rising Sun Inn on the evening of the 14th May and then you so kindly put us in contact with each other. We have since formed a strong bond with which we believe will take us on a long and happy journey together. Thank you and everyone at Social8 for your care and devotion to helping people such as xxxx and myself find true love once again"​ Male 44, Adelaide, South Australia

  • "Social 8 organises dinner dates for 6 of its members, 3 Male & 3 Female and you meet at a restaurant from their vetted list. You soon realise that the other members are just like you, NORMAL. Every dinner I attended was a huge amount of fun, like you were catching up with old friends. On my last dinner date I asked Social 8 to exchanged my number with a very special lady that has changed my LIFE (The best decision that I have ever made). Social 8 are professional, friendly, helpful and you can TRUST JANE. So if you’re thinking of joining JUST DO IT!  SOCIAL 8 has changed my life and so many other fabulous people, you could be the next person!"

    Male 42, Adelaide, South Australia

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