36 Questions Social Experiment

36 Questions Social Experiment

Can you fall in love with anyone just by asking and answering 36 questions? More than 20 years ago, Psychologist Dr. Arthur Aron succeeded in making two strangers fall in love in his laboratory using 36 questions he created. Designed to build a deeper connection, these 36 questions are used by Social 8 Adelaide matchmaker and love coach, Jane Donovan to give local single people the chance to also fall in love. ‘I believe shared, slowly growing and consistent vulnerability helps people to have a deeper sense of connection, so I thought this would be a fun way to test Dr. Aron’s questions’ Donovan said.

Past Social 8 36 questions experiments have had a HUGE 76% of participants desire to swap phone numbers and date following the experiment. A HUGE 52% of participants have gone on to date and explore getting to know each other further. Due to popular demand we ran the event again and again with paired couples continuously swapping numbers!

Our event always starts with a social mixer short cocktail party before moving to tables for 2 where you will be paired with someone of similar age and demographics to then proceed to share the answers to the questions with each other. Post answer time, we will continue to socialise as a group. Here is a YouTube video demonstrating the questions used in a social setting.


Cost is generally $55 per ticket however this to be advised upon release of the event.  The fee includes a shared ‘Love Birds Picky Platter’ Plus co-ordination and Social 8 hosts attending.

So who best suits attending this event? Those of you who love fun, meeting new people, being in it to win it and want to see what all the fuss is about with these 36 questions. We suggest being open minded and willing to answer the questions authentically to give the science behind this experiment a chance to do its thing. If you don’t enjoy following a format or sharing personal stories, then this event isn’t for you.

Also we must share that 5-8% of attendees will absolutely hate the experience, a further 7-10% were disappointed in the experience, so please know we can’t guarantee you will enjoy this. That said 85% of people do enjoy it.

So if you are interested in attending once this event is once again released, there are a few steps to be taken. First we require you to complete an application form located below with your details including two recent photo’s (these photo’s must look the same as you will look on the night, that means these are recent photos and not photoshopped, let’s all be honest in presenting authentically).

Next, we see if we have someone potentially suitable to pair you up with for the evening. If we do, then we will email you a confirmation of your booking and the ticket fee is then required to be paid within 48 hours to secure your place.

Once we receive your payment, we will email you the 36 questions for you to peruse and start to have an idea of what you will answer for sharing on the evening.

Arrival is on a date, time and venue are to be advised. Always dress to impress and be ready for a night of fun. Let’s see if the 36 questions lead you to love!

Thank you for your interest,

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Please upload 2 recent photos, 1 to be a close up, the other a full length photo. Selfies are fine. BOTH PHOTOS ARE TO BE A TRUE REPRESENTATION OF HOW YOU WILL PRESENT ON THE NIGHT. Photos to be recent (within the last 2 months and not photoshopped or with filters applied). We desire real authentic people attending so send us real photos please. These photo's are purely for our administration team and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Social 8 staff. If you have trouble uploading here, please email them to social8@social8.com.au

* You agree that the information you have provided is accurate* You agree that the photos you have shared look similar as you will appear on the night (ie don't send us 2 year old photos or photoshopped photos)* Should you be offered a ticket to this event, you agree to pay the co-ordination and ticket fee within 48 hours of receiving your booking confirmation email* Should you have to cancel your place on the day of the event or not show, you understand you will need to pay for your partners ticket unless we can find a suitable replacement to take your spot* You understand that you may be paired with someone we have never met except on paper and cannot guarantee they will be to your wishes. Although we will do our best to make this work 🙂

15% attending will be disappointed at the pairing however 85% will be very happy. We hope for 100% happy or that you are in the 85%